Guest Post: On Patience

Guest Post On Patience (2021-09-01)

Today I am hosting a guest post by Leo.

This article will be based on having more patience because if you have more patience you can calm your mind and do things easier. But if you are impatient you can also get nervous and get tired of doing that thing. Let me give you an example: if I want to read, for example, a book, I have to be concentrated and in any case relaxed at the same time. If I am impatient to finish the book and I don’t want to, I get nervous. So in this case you have to avoid doing something pleasant when you are angry.

Another example: if you want to make a nice drawing, you have to be patient because if you are impatient, you still can’t do that thing. So in my opinion the human being should have more patience in order to be able to do things and in any case respect the rules of both the person or even in this case of Covid, in fact many people are not respectful of the rules or maybe they are impatient, they get bored and therefore they remove the mask risking for the whole population.

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