Learning and Health (My 12 Favorite Problems)

Learning and Health

Learning, Teaching, Education, Knowledge, and Culture

Learning how to learn is important because if we are not effective and efficient in learning, We waste our time. We would not have good knowledge to make better decisions. How can I learn effectively and efficiently? What do I need in the different moments of my life to make the best decisions? 

On the other side of learning, there is teaching. If education is something that somebody else does to you, learning is what happens in your mind, about the knowledge that you build, to do the things you want to do. They need to meet, To have the best learning, we should learn how to learn, but we can also get help from the best teachers. What’s the best way to teach? When and how do we need to teach? What are the best tools and techniques to teach in the best and most effective way?

How to transfer knowledge between generations? Books, movies, stories, art, architecture, laws. Culture is how we make learning tangible. How is it possible that every human being has to start from scratch each time?. What can we do to optimize the synthesis of knowledge, its storage, and transfer to newborn humans?

Knowledge and culture. What is the Minimum Viable understanding that every human being should have to be a good citizen of the world? What is that set of disciplines, fields, notions that everybody should know?

What do we need to know to live a good life, be sustainable, healthy, make good habits, be of service to the community, minimize suffering, and contribute to the evolution and progress of technology, culture, and science?

They are related. We need all of them to be interdependent. So, a question that I have at the intersection of many, if not all of those problems, is: how can I build the right set of habits to contribute to the solution of all of those problems at the same time?

What about growing, nurturing, and educating children? A Child is a human being that changes quickly in a short time. How can we optimize the education and the inspiration of their minds in the different levels of growth and evolution in their path to becoming adults? How can we impact and inspire children profoundly before becoming fully developed citizens of the world and evolving them into changemakers?

Health and Habit making

Why is it so difficult for us to stay healthy? Why is it so easy to build bad habits to get unfit and prone to diseases? It is still a matter of culture, education, and learning, and also practices. So how do we install healthy habits? 

The remaining problems to develop

  1. How to be a good thinker
    1. how to be a good thinker
      1. observation
        1. recognizing patterns
        2. cross-discipline / non-disciplinary
      2. how to think about the future
    2. how to make the best decisions
  2. Communication
    1. how to communicate in the best way
    2. Storytelling
      1. how to tell great stories
      2. how to create great stories
  3. Justice, equality, equanimity
    1. What’s the right word?
    2. How to create a just society
  4. Make the world better
    1. How to build a sustainable society
    2. How to make a living while making the world a better place.
    3. How to leave a positive, durable, compounding legacy
    4. How to put new things in the world to make it better rather than worse
    5. How to minimize unintended consequences
    6. How to create better futures
    7. How to improve the ecosystem’s health
  5. How to be a good designer
    1. How to understand, communicate, and manage complexity
    2. How to minimize unintended consequences
    3. Imagining alternative worlds
    4. How to create networks of networks of changemakers creating a positive impact on people and the planet
    5. How can I leave a legacy that will make me remembered in a positive way
    6. How to imagine better futures

Another favorite problem is the one of solving problems and designing solutions and building the designed solution. So I think that the design approach should be one of the skills and the competence and every human being should acquire. What is the minimum viable knowledge needed to be an effective and an efficient and sustainable designer? That’s a beautiful question. That could go on the same level of being a scientist or being an engineer, but also being an artist. All of those aspects are needed in our life. As well as being a manager or being a leader of being a communicator. of the those skills are at the intersection of being a good citizen of the world.

  1. How to augment life
    1. How to raise the collective intelligence
    2. How to extend life, perception, augment intelligence, individual and collective.
    3. How to live multiple lives
  2. How to minimize the suffering of all living beings
    1. How to relieve suffering
  3. How to be more creative
    1. Teach everybody to be creative
    2. Make art a part of everybody’s life

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  1. You talk about nurturing, otherwise I see a lot of technical and administrative terms, but what about loving and caring for those children? Love is both something to teach and to show to our children for them to be able to learn life freely. Something you can not quantify but without it, nobody can learn. What is the environment required to be able to learn?

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