Live Or Die With Doubt

You're the ball.

Doubt can drill your brain. If you don’t have the courage to face it, to go deep and unearth its origin, it might become toxic. It’s a love-hate relationship, a bug in your brain, mainly when it stays a long time, in dark and obscure recesses of your mind.

Either you embrace it when it becomes the physiological uncertainty we all live in. And so you can make a tool out of it. You can use it to set up experiments. Meaning: you can act, work, and move from the paralysis you were in. So it’s a flowing evolution of considerations, you might go from doubt to doubt, and that would be just reasonable. That is life.

Or, you can decide to keep it with you as a secret and being consumed from the inside. The inside of you. That would mine your confidence, your serenity, your decision-making capabilities.

Better face your doubts as soon as possible, as frequently as possible. Everything is worth a doubt. Give it to it. Learn to sail and navigate with the winds even when your compass is not to be trusted.

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