Lousy transcription

Oh, Feynman! I really want this to end soon.

I am publishing my voice transcription as it is, maybe in the future I will try to understand it and funny things might happen.

I feel the frustration I’ve building a habit of getting ready because I put the effort in I don’t see improvement for the outcome that I would dream off so the frustration is sad bye my poor performance of my daily practice and at the same time understood that having just and ambition of being a great writer or a great creator is a complete solution far-reaching frame chords don’t go through the process of working everyday heart in improving your skills in polishing ability of expressing your thoughts in words there’s no way to reach the level of quality that you respect so is experimental writing and blogging everyday for wilder.vs f****** that are chick you need to work hard consistently to create a habit which is not enough so labour starting point to systematically improving skills that’s the reason why I feel lying that’s not very much the separate in rich in the goal of having written for one year it’s a celebration of realisations so the journey has been useful to learn things that myself about practice about acquiring skills about mastering skills so what I am certain about is that I need to practice every day for sure in a need to establish a feedback loop allowing me to be more aware about my week points my my strong points and getting indications about how to improve improvement and that is separate from anything creative strategy in terms of content the other thing that I’ve learnt that is is creation process is separate and faces in although they are overs interacting want to each other all the time it’s useful to identify a clear that where you are I d 18 generating ideas or when you are listening you’re consuming content so you might want to take nos and that there is a connecting face when you are finding analogy similarity is contrast associations that is an important place where you can be original and creating new ideas and then there is the hard and boring phase of reviewing in lighting until fiinessing and polishing to


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