Make Your Work Easy to Perform

Make Your Work Easy to Perform.

To be more effective in executing a task, consider splitting it into three parts: preparation, execution, conclusion.


Do not think about the task you have planned just before starting it. According to its complexity, plan some preparation time. Make a list of the steps and resources needed to execute it in the best way. Being prepared makes you more relaxed and confident, preparing yourself, as well, to deliver the best of your efforts.


If you prepared well, you have nothing to remember at the last minute. You’re entirely concentrated on the task, and you can perform at your highest level. You’re less prone to rush things, and you can give dedicated time to any people involved. You will be perceived as somebody skilled and in control.


You don’t just end a task. Capture any next step that emerged during the execution. Check you have done all stages in the checklist. Finalize and refine your notes and write down the insights, lessons learned, and any other relevant information as soon as possible.

Make your task completion easy: prepare for it well ahead, execute it in your best shape, conclude it by capturing the best value.

I am Massimo Curatella, and this is my DAY 20 Article in the CREAZEE Daily Writing Challenge and my 157th daily article in a row. I wrote this article in 14 minutes.

Make Your Work Easy to Perform.
Make Your Work Easy to Perform.

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