Manage your knowledge or be managed

Manage or be managed, this is the dilemma.

What was the name of that incredible pizzeria?

Hello, friends!

This is our weekly meeting to recap what I’ve been publishing on my blog. I had great experiences meeting new people, exchanging ideas and thoughts with bright minds, and finding the time and the inspiration to make some little drawings.

The recurring topic was: Personal Knowledge Management, what is it and how to do it. I am quite happy with the articles I wrote without research, improvised. I am full of knowledge to be managed! I see a nice continuity in some threads, much less in others. The beauty of non-linear writing is exactly this: connect articles related to the same topics. With time and patience, they will accumulate, and you will have the opportunity to develop them further.

What’s your favorite one? Why? Reply to this email and let me know your interests.

Following, please find a list of the article published this week on

Capture. Organize. Develop. Share.

A Personal Knowledge Management workflow

Capture and organize information. Develop and share ideas. Grow your PKM system to be more efficient and creative.

So many books to write, so little time.

George Orwell wrote for selfishness, aesthetics, history, and politics

Exactly as I am.

Many small things make a big one.

Something small, every day

That’s the best I can do today. Doing it is more important than the result.

Knowing when to stop is as important as knowing when to start.

Share your content wisely

I have been linking my daily posts everywhere. I’ve been doing it wrong. Here’s a step back.

Manage your knowledge, personally.

What is Personal Knowledge Management (PKM)?

A basic PKM system could be created with digital files and folders, but it’s much more than that.

Do you have enough questions?

Questions. About the present. About the future.

You cannot always look for answers. What are your questions?

Come visit me! No precautions required!

Meet my mind

Manage or be managed, this is the dilemma.
Manage or be managed, this is the dilemma.

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