Questions. About the present. About the future.

Do you have enough questions?

You cannot always look for answers. What are your questions?

Work: Current

What’s your role?

What are the expectations on what you should do?

What are you learning on the job?

How are you sharing your lessons learned?

What’s the weakest part of your job?

What’s the strongest?

Do you know your colleagues? What do you think about them?

Work: Future

What do you see in the future of your work?

How is your professional presentation?

What product can you sell this year?

How can you build a network of colleagues and friends to make your work easier?

Knowledge: Current

What do you know?

What do you need to know?

How do you learn?

What should you share? To whom?

How is your note archive supporting your learning process?

Do you review your old notes and diary entries?

What’s the purpose of your note archive? Are you satisfied with your current set of tools and methods to manage your personal knowledge?

How is your Networked Thinking going?


What to share and to whom?

How to share and when?

What do you expect from publishing?

What will you do when you will reach 100 published posts?

Do you have enough questions?
Do you have enough questions?