Meeting strangers like they were good old friends

Make ends meet

I like meeting strangers online, especially when they are eclectic, diverse, and sometimes clueless as I am.

I am not talking about romantic meetings. Instead, having honest exchanges about life, work, and all the rest. It became intense during the initial phase of the pandemic: an infinite sequence of webinars and meetings. It was fatiguing at a certain point. Then it transforms into a surrogate of socializing and hanging out with friends.

What I liked was the easiness of getting into a deep conversation without any hesitation. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but I also found people with rich and interesting backgrounds, sometimes with clear ideas about what they were looking for, some others just wanting to connect.

I’m again exploring meeting people online, either dear old friends or old new friends. It seems to me it’s always friends, at first contact. I presume the shared context leads to people with similar interests and attitudes to mine. So, in the end, maybe we’re not so different, and we have more in common than not. Or also, the social platforms’ algorithms are increasing in quality and match me with somebody I would find interesting.

Either way, after my 12 hours of work on a digital medium, I find it refreshing to have another hour of cultural exchanges with people all over the world.

Wanna meet?

Make ends meet
Make ends meet

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