No Internet, No Thinking?

203. No Internet, No Thinking_

Internet goes down from time to time. A little disruption, sometimes a few minutes of blackout or, horror, horror, half a day. In those moments, I am forced to think about making the best use of my creativity without connectivity. Yes, of course, there could be mobile data connection, so you still have Internet unless you are in an inaccessible area. But I am referring to total blackout.

I miss those moments pre-1995 when I use to either waste my brain on TV (still possible) or listen to music (of course I still do but have you ever listened to music without doing something else on the Internet?) or the most beautiful, laying on the floor or the couch daydreaming (or napping).

So, I have all good intentions when the Internet is down, I grab a solid paper book or a notebook with a pen, and I imagine I would jot down notes, inspiration, or diagrams. Things that I actually do every day, but only because I know I can then immediately resume my thinking with a digital aid. When the connection is down, many other pressures go down, the need to stay in touch with the world, with work, with the news. It’s a rare moment of peace in my mind, and while having the most formidable ideas about learning and design, drawing and animation, concepts for a story or a character, I cannot help but fall asleep.

It’s a private transgression, full of joy and refreshing power.

Usually, when I woke up, the magic disappears because the Internet is accessible again, and I immediately get sucked into its spiral.

How much would I like to turn off the Internet intentionally to re-establish a healthier relationship with my brain?

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