Thinking of quitting. It’s only a thought though.

No. Really.

I am aiming at publishing 365 blog posts in a year, one per day. I have a good pace. I’ve reached 174 with this one, and I am almost halfways. I am risking making it a vanity goal to write just for the sake of it, only to say that I did it. While deliberate practice as this contributes to my writing skills, I am procrastinating the creation of longer and deeper pieces.

How would I feel if I stopped now? I am terrified I could never write again. In the end, I have not written daily for decades. How would it be like to write weekly? That’s how I started in 2019.

It’s a stupid idea. I won’t stop. Instead, I will plan a whole week of articles, and I will schedule writing time early in the morning instead of late at night.

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