Nobody Reads Me. Shall I care?

Of course, not.

I am trying to find a valid excuse to stop writing daily. Let’s see what the candidates are:

  1. I usually start late at night because I have no time during the day.
  2. Writing late at night, I feel the pain of squeezing the last energies.
  3. I wonder if this behavior is a signal of decaying of my daily writing habit
  4. I don’t plan articles. Nine times out of 10, I improvise.
  5. I don’t reread my articles. More than once, I write about the same thoughts
  6. Seldomly I focus on the impact my writing could have. I frequently need to get it off my chest as quickly as possible and forget about it
  7. I get frustrated when I discover discontinuity between pieces. I get satisfied when I find threads and evolving topics.
  8. I miss the time and the resources to do research, accumulate notes, write drafts, and revise them to a final version.
  9. It seems like I am putting more effort into finding the reasons not to write rather than the opposite.
  10. How can I expect to have a following if I have so many doubts and concerns about my own writing?

That’s the note of the day. A mental bookmark to get back to when I ask again this question: why is nobody reading me?

Of course, not.
Of course, not.

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