What Am I Doing, Now?

La question n’est pas de travailler,
c’est de fair croire aux autres qu’on travaille.

—Tristan Bernard.


Inspired by the NowNowNow movement, in this page you can find what I am doing now.
(Updated on April 2020)

I work as a Senior Strategic Designer in the fields of Service Design, UX Design, Interaction Design, User Research, User Interface Design, Usability Testing and managing small remote groups of designers and developers.


I am expanding my online and live Facilitation services to cover: Collective Intelligence Design, Systems Practice and Systems Change.


I am writing about my experience on this blog. Thing I wanted to do for +20 years. Read my latest articles:

What’s an Independent Researcher?
Reflecting on the experience of recording and sharing a podcast about my interests.
Reflecting on Podcasting, Blogging, and Independent Research
What’s the added value in transcribing and blogging about a podcast? How do you know when your research is valid, good, useful? How do you do research outside of academia?
Simply Complexity Podcast with Kevin Richard and Massimo Curatella
How to understand & explain complex topics? It's the impossible subject I've discussed in this podcast with Kevin Richard.
Trust and digital nomadism
My first experiment in publishing on the go, without a computer, on the sand.
Using Collective Intelligence to prepare for Complexity
I had fun preparing for a podcast interview on Complexity, Systems Thinking, Design, and Education. I've wrote-to-think, to understand what I have to say about those topics. I've recorded voice notes, improvised to …
Preparing for the Podcast “Making Complexity Simple”
How I leveraged on the Collective Intelligence to know better how much I don't know, in preparation for a podcast interview.
Resuming writing.
A summary of all articles I've published since last newsletter.
How to transform a draft into a final article by mental distancing
Write a draft impulsively and without caring too much. Let it rest. Collect feedback. Then edit it and publish it.
More networked thinking
How I am evolving my Personal Knowledge Management workflow. The difference between reading and writing-while-reading.
Creativity, eclecticism and Personal Knowledge Management
Having too many ideas. Struggle in finding a common thread. Concerned about building an audience while being eclectic. Then: Curate sources and filter inputs.
Massimo Curatella
Massimo Curatella

Designer, Facilitator, Writer.