What Am I Doing, Now?

La question n’est pas de travailler,
c’est de fair croire aux autres qu’on travaille.

—Tristan Bernard.


Inspired by the NowNowNow movement, in this page you can find what I am doing now.
(Updated on November 2020)

I work as a Senior Strategic Designer in the fields of Service Design, UX Design, Interaction Design, User Research, User Interface Design, Usability Testing, and managing small remote groups of designers and developers. I love facilitating collective intelligence by coaching and mentoring young business startups about their product discovery and design activities.

Shipping 30 For 30: Collective Publishing Challenge

From 16 November 2020 to 15 December 2020 I am participating in a stimulating race: to publish atomic essays, every day, for 30 days. I’ve decided to pay 50 USD to a stranger to commit myself to do what I haven’t been able to do on my own. Thanks to the Internet.


I am expanding my online and live Facilitation services to cover: Collective Intelligence Design, Systems Practice and Systems Change.


I am writing about my experience on this blog. Thing I wanted to do for +20 years. Read my latest articles:

60 Times 60. Refining my daily publishing strategy
I am celebrating my 60th daily publishing in a row, but I am not satisfied with my long-term publishing strategy.
The Note-Taking Nouvelle Vague
In the world of P tools, there is a tsunami of new software applications to manage note-taking and note-making
Artificial Intelligences are children to be educated
What’s the boundary between the usefulness of the suggestions that you receive and the information you have to provide to get them?
Creativity preparation rituals: infallible!
Prime your brain with the ritual of preparation. Nothing can stop you when you’re cleaning up your mind and your environment to start doing creative work.
Find and give meaning
Find your answers, build on top of what others have already learned, and experiment by minimizing risks while maximizing the learning.
Rebranding the obvious
Why calling something already existing, known, and named with another name?
How to be a Systems Thinker: simple steps
Being a better Systems Thinker is all nice and good but how do you manage to do it in our chaotic lives?
Celebratory rituals define yourself
Questioning the deep motives behind your celebration shatters your identity from the foundations. It’s a disruptive act to redefine yourself.
Minimize unintended consequences by thinking in systems
When you obtain effects you didn’t want and you did not expect, following your actions, you are experiencing unintended consequences.
Keep on writing
50 daily blog posts published. Let's do another 50.
Massimo Curatella
Massimo Curatella

Designer, Facilitator, Writer.