Of Course!

Of Course!

Will you like this article?

It’s late at night. You have been working since the early morning. You’ve tried to save some dedicated time to write your daily article. You’ve committed to writing daily. And today you didn’t write it yet. So now you’re tired. You feel guilty. You have no inspiration. And the only thing that you want is to have this article already written and published. Because you need to sleep. Instead of starting it, you waste precious minutes on an insipid TV show. You cannot concentrate. You go back and forth between thinking about the article still to be written and the comfortable refresh waiting for you in your bed. You’re in limbo. You cannot move. You cannot sleep. You cannot get rest. But you cannot write as well. No energy. No free-flowing creativity spitting from your fingertips. You start to feel the taste of the letdown. So many days working to keep the pace. So many struggles. So many ideas. Many good. Many bad. Many so-and-sos. But you made it. You wrote articles for ten, twenty, forty, eighty, and then ninety days. And now, at the number 99, you’re risking not making it. Of course, you have a great excuse. Of course, work comes first. Of course, you are tired. Of course, nobody will die because of that. Of course, nobody will blame you. Of course. Of course!

And then, you realize, that, once again, you made it.

Here is my 99th daily article in a row.

I feel better.

I can’t wait to write tomorrow’s one.

Of Course!
Of Course!
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