Question time

Test, test, is this thing working?

What are my questions?

How can I do something that makes me feel alive while being financially sustainable and still generating value after being gone?

How can I improve the quality of my thinking?

What’s the best use of my time?

How can I keep writing about anything and everything while maintaining a sane relationship with you, dear reader?

Is my blog a place where I am writing for myself and myself, or is it a place for discussion and interaction?

Shall I have a mission? Shall my blog have a mission? How would a mission affect my behavior?

Will I have the patience and the persistence to see what will emerge from my consistency?

What would happen if I stopped writing right now?

Test, test, is this thing working?
Test, test, is this thing working?

2 responses to “Question time”

  1. These are great questions and perhaps we should never stop wondering about most of these points.

    I guess this post hi-lights the need we have for human interactions.
    As creative beings receiving feedback is crucial, even when we do what we do for ourselves.
    At some point we just have to engage in a conversation.
    The discussions become the light that guide us when we feel that we are loosing focus or direction.
    A sentence from someone else can be the spark that revives the fire and turns our point of view on its head.

    So let me finish with a question: How will you implement this here?

    …maybe it’s time to step up a level, and maybe -just maybe- that’s part of the answers you are looking for

    Happy new year everyone!

    • Thanks, Marco.
      I appreciate a lot your presence.
      In the previous article I’ve collected “why” and “how” types of questions.
      You’re adding the next logical one, “how will I do it”?
      Collecting useful question is my starting point. I could use each of those as prompts to develop further articles.
      For now, I can only tell you, keep on following and participating.
      I need it.

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