Rebranding the obvious

The "not-hot-not-cold" water is my invention.

I used to create an index of ideas in the front matter and the back matter of books since the 80’s. Yes, I am that old. But I’ve never thought to brand it to give a unique name to it and desiring to be recognized as the inventor of the “idea index”.

Well, it seems like the “idea index” now is a unique technique invented and branded to list, exactly, the ideas found in a book.

I had the idea of the idea index years ago but I’ve never thought about calling it “Idea Index”.

I hate branding ideas since they are just notions about something that exists and everybody can know. Who brands ideas for the first time seems to get a sort of “Juris primae noctis“, they are the creators.

When you realize that that idea is something really simple or, worst, that you thought about for a long time you feel like… stupid.

Who re-brand ideas or brand them for the second time are either naive or presumptuous.

Why calling something already existing, known, and named with another name? Why creating redundancy and confusion in a VUCA World in which complexity and too many labels are dominating our clarity of vision?

Still, when you brand an idea is like you’ve conquered a bit of dirt in a new land (when it is new and when it is a land). It’s a sort of free but branded IP you can have your name attached to and bringing you popularity for your supposed discovery.

When is it worth to name and brand an idea? When shall we re-brand an existing and well-known idea?

The "not-hot-not-cold" water is my invention.
The “not-hot-not-cold” water (TM)(R)(C)

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