Small Steps Towards Increased Future-Proofing of your Writing

Hey, Max, this is your past self. I am present, yes, but as long as I write a word, it immediately becomes a thing of the past. I have finally a bit more time to reflect: I don’t like the latest trend with your daily writing practice, it has become a chore and a burden. Something emerged, though, your desire to leave a meaningful trace to be read back in the future. I wanted to highlight the nature of this pattern so you might take actual value out of it when you will read this.

You are writing for yourself but in public. You keep on saying that you should be your first reader, the primary audience of your blog posts. It seems like you are failing all types of audiences since you are bored of your own writing. Hint: if you are bored while you are writing and you are not satisfied with what you have written you cannot expect anybody else to find your words to be interesting nor valuable. Curate better your list of interests and write about them, as a starter. Visualize yourself rereading what you are about to write: how will you like it? What value will you find in it?

By being more self-empathetic you can try to understand better how to create more engaging content for others.

A few months ago I did some critical exercises in trying to post myself questions about what I want to write and what I would actually write. It would slow you down but by being more critical towards your ideas you can improve them.

Remember to separate the research, the first draft writing and the revision phases. You are too bent towards writing impulsively, because you’re lazy and bored (see above) and you tend to be undisciplined in your creative workflow. Write less and shorter but never skip the key stages of the creation process. Better one single sentence, meaningful, engaging, worth to be remembered rather than mumbling gibberish for the sake of filling a page.

See? That’s better than the previous days. I’d like to read this again.

Well done.

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