Structured Long-form writing by Integrating Multiple Perspectives

All roads lead to you.

I’ve been failing in the past when I needed to write a long article dealing with complex topics containing many details. I made another try by splitting the writing task into question-driven prompts. Then I assembled all pieces into a final draft.

I followed this creative process:

  1.  Explore the topic/problem from multiple perspectives. Write an outline using the following questions:
    1. What is the problem? What is the solution?
    2. Why is the problem interesting and meaningful?
    3. Who is affected by the problem? Who has already solved it?
    4. When does the problem occur?
    5. Where does the problem manifest?
    6. How does the problem happen?
    7. How much is it affecting your life?
  2. Develop each perspective in a dedicated article.
  3. Integrate each component into the original outline.
    1. reread components
    2. integrate into the global article
      1. extract
      2. copy and paste
      3. concatenate
  4. Revise the final draft
  5. Share the final composition.

This process is promising and I will use it again, I have now to execute steps 4 and 5 as an iteration on the initial draft.

All roads lead to you.
All roads lead to you.

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