Technology and Creativity (My 12 Favorite Problems)

Technology and Creativity (My 12 Favorite Problems)

Technology for Life

How to augment life?

How to raise collective intelligence?

How to extend life, perception, augment intelligence, individual and collective.

How to live multiple lives?


Technology, design, collective intelligence, sustainability, systemic design.

How to be creative

How to be more creative?

How to facilitate everybody’s creativity?


 Creativity, Design thinking, learning.

The remaining problems to develop

  1. Art
    1. Make art a part of everybody’s life
    2. Creative Coding
    3. Generative Art
    4. Games, Game Art and Game Design
    5. Drawing and Painting
    6. Music
    7. Writing
  2. How to solve problems?
    1. How to solve all of my favorite problems?
    2. How to create an approach to life taking into account a systems approach?

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