Thanks, Technology

202. Thanks, Technology

We can blame a lot of things on technology: privacy, screen addiction, brain softening, big brother (The Show), Star Wars The Prequel. But we can also say we are living the best of times. The best time any human being has ever lived within. I really don’t have any desire for medieval medics to drill holes into my skull nor cure any of my problems with leeches. Science is not perfect, medicine has a lot to discover, but I am grateful for those remedies that alleviate so many of our pains.

Uncertainty, side effects, accessibility, safety, corruption, and many more negative aspects need our attention. We need to improve technology to make it our most powerful tool to reduce and mitigate suffering.

Today I used technology to be better, now and in the future.

And I am grateful for that.

Thanks, technology.

202. Thanks, Technology
202. Thanks, Technology

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