The Books I Want To Write

Live multiple lives. Write books.

I am bored. I am tired of writing small articles every day, questioning the real benefit of my daily creative habit. Yes, I am proud, but I also want to develop more perspective. What do I want? In the following exercise, I am dreaming about writing books.

Managing Your Knowledge

I a World awash in information, we have the chance to know more while struggling to understand what happens around us. We need to grow our method to listen deeply, understand carefully, and share, with passion, novel and useful ideas. Which tools? What method? Where can we find the time to do it? What to share and how? Discover how dedicating more intention and attention to how we learn can lead us to be better thinkers, better professionals, better human beings.

Everything is Designed, Design is Everything

The disciplined approach to finding effective, efficient, and sustainable solutions to big and small challenges can make a difference. Anybody can be a designer, but not everybody is one. By gathering and synthesizing general tools to understand problems, knowing their contexts, sharing with the people living them, and researching the best solutions, we can have a part in giving a positive contribution to increasing the ecosystem’s health.

Living a Creative Life

Creativity means to create. It’s not pure inspiration, fantasy, imagination. There are tools, techniques, and approaches to make you more creative. It’s a change of attitude and perspective on life. Follow me on a journey into creativity to enrich your life.

Writing Daily: a Transformational Practice.

Discover how building a daily writing habit would instill the energy to transform your life. Discover the sound of your thoughts. Harvest the gems of your mind. Put them in a shiny necklace to leave everlasting traces. Slowly. Piece by piece. Daily.

Which one would you read?

Hey, what do you think? Would you read any of them?

Live multiple lives. Write books.
Live multiple lives. Write books.

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