The Metaverse is a jungle

Technological systems are becoming more and more like living entities. It becomes increasingly difficult to set the boundaries of a piece of technology. Your computer is not yours anymore, it’s a node of a massive network of other interactive objects. It doesn’t matter how many efforts you make to clean, maintain, set up, fine-tune your dear personal computer, constant updates of software and hardware are creating a continuous change in their running setting. That’s why it makes sense to double-check settings and configuration, to assess the new features before doing an update or an upgrade. Unfortunately, intentionally or not, many software applications are now resetting their configuration selectively or totally at each update or, even worse, they are adding new parameters affecting their execution.

It’s a constant flux of changes and interaction, it’s a fluid universe, somebody may call it a metaverse, and we should face it as we live in the real world, by trusting the next piece of software only as much as it allows us to do what we need to do and to carefully look around us for hazards and threads like we would do in a jungle.

It’s a fantastic always-changing fluid technological world and we need to be responsible and careful in living it.

353/365. Thanks to Alberto Gelpi for the inspiration.

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