What to write when you don’t know what to write

A white square on a black background. The square is empty.

What should I write now?

If you find yourself in the situation of not knowing what to write, you can leverage on your drafts, your notes, or your creative toolbox.

Why don’t you know what to write? Haven’t you been writing a free-flowing draft every day? No? That’s the first problem. If you build a habit of writing every day by transcribing your thoughts, you won’t have an ideas shortage. It’s easy and comfortable, and it’s packaged creativity. You don’t even have to think. Look into your draft archive or even your Zettelkasten, if you know what it is, and randomly pick one piece of writing.

Don’t you like it? Well, my friend, we’re here because you don’t know what to write. Don’t you think you’re pushing a bit too much? Trust the system. You’re cashing-in your investment, pick a draft, revise it, and publish it. That’s it.

Oh, I get it. You have no drafts in your archive. Well, that will require a bit of extra work, but we can fix it as well. So, go and pick the first creative prompt from your writing tools archive. What? Don’t you have such a thing? OK. So let’s create it now.


Write ten questions in 60 seconds. Yeah, one minute, no second thoughts, no waiting, just set a timer and go!

  1. What did you do today?
  2. What caught your attention?
  3. What’s the most fun thing somebody told you?
  4. What did you dream last night?
  5. What would you like to be in one year?
  6. Who do you want to meet in 10 years?
  7. Who changed your life, and you never told them?
  8. If you had all the money in the world, what would you do?
  9. What great mind of the past would you like to talk to?
  10. What’s the last thought you want to think before you die?

Done? See? Was it easy?

OK, now let’s get back to the initial problems: we have no drafts in our archive and no creative prompts. What do you say? Do we have them? Oh, right! We just wrote the two things.

  • An article about what to write when you don’t have any ideas
  • An initial toolbox of creative writing prompts to jumpstart your drafts

Well, thank you for pointing me at those. So, what’s next? Nothing! We did it.

Congratulations, my friend. Come back again, any time!

A white square on a black background. The square is empty.
An empty box can be the prompt to be creative. Are you scared? Me too. But we’re in this together.

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