Write about what interests people you know

Instead of thinking about what I should write I should think about something else.


Where do I imagine myself to be in the future?

What is the future I imagine for me, my loved ones, the Universe?


By virtue of this vision that I strongly feel, then, I will have a mission to accomplish.

How will I make my vision come true?


In order for my mission to be fulfilled, then, I will need to identify objectives that will make it true.

Personas as a role model for my audience

Rather than imagining a generic and indistinct audience, it is better for me to identify real people. When I work and communicate, I should refer to each of those existing people I know who allow me to have a direct, dedicated dialogue aimed at understanding and acting on that specific person. This can help me focus my work as if I were actually having a conversation with them. Talking with a specific person involves certain communicative, emotional, psychological contexts, etc. and therefore activates the important principle of reducing abstraction  from a hypothetical shapeless mass of people to a specific face that I know and with whom I interact spontaneously.

Know your Personas are real persons

It becomes essential to have a collection of real people corresponding to the conversations I like to have and would like to develop.

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