Your identity drives your Personal Knowledge Management

I need to eat less squares.

PKM stands for Personal Knowledge Management and, in its essence, covers the following stages: observe, capture, organize, develop, and share.

A PKM system could be seen as a way to nurture and cultivate your interests. It’s called a “personal” knowledge management system because you create it for your purposes. Your identity directly influences the meaning, nature, and composition of your PKB (Personal Knowledge Base).

There are, among the many, two complementary approaches to problems: bottom-up and top-down. Similarly, we can see PKM as a system where the driving forces are: intentionality and serendipity.

If your interests are the magnets, the attractor of knowledge for you to be captured, developed, and shared, then you can consider your goal and your vision as the top-down approach while the “whatever works,” the random and infinite events of your life as the bottom-up.

Grow your PKM System along with you

The best PKM System is the one that you grow on top of who you are. Identify the building blocks of your creativity, compose them in workflows and build a creative network of tools to generate ideas.

I need to eat less squares.
I need to eat less squares.

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