Checklists to Pursue Learning Goals

These are checklists to make my learning workflow tangible.

Learning goal preparation checklist

  1. What’s your most important learning goal?
  2. What’s the most relevant source related to (1)?
  3. Identify the most useful content from the source in (2).
  4. Plan deep study of content in (3).

Deep study checklist

  1. Why have you selected this content?
  2. How is this related to your learning goal?
  3. What is your expectation from studying this content?
  4. What other questions can you ask related to reading this content?
  5. Read quickly by skimming and getting a sense of what the whole piece is about.
  6. Identify those areas more relevant to your learning goal.
  7. Read a second time, carefully, slowly. Check the meaning of words you don’t know.
  8. Highlight those parts that are catching your attention. Rewrite the concept with your own words and keep track of the source.
  9. Collect all notes taken on this content.
  10. Review the notes, one by one, and add them to your Personal Knowledge Base.
  11. Create a plan to retrieve the key concepts expressed in the notes you’ve captured and test yourself against carefully craftef questions.

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