Compare Intention Against Execution

Before and After?

When you compare the outcome of a production process with the original designs, you have a great learning chance.

You can learn how far you made it in realizing your initial intention. You can discover which area of improvement you could attack to improve the overall quality of the product. You recognize what is still missing to reach the intended objective.

Use the difference between the before and after to learn. Discover discrepancies by comparing the planned idea and its actual execution.

Did you do it on time? Is it respecting all the requirements and the constraints? Is it usable, accessible, effective, efficient?

The comparison between the original intention (the designs) and the current execution (the outcome) is a powerful method to make the system visible—the system of design and development, who imagined it and who built it, who sells it, and who uses it.

That delta generates the creative tension to fill the gaps, improve your building skills, refine the initial designs, test more and with a larger target audience, and stress the solution to make it more agile and robust.

So the habit of constantly checking how we are going compared to where we want to go is a crucial measurement of our progress. And it’s essential to identify the areas where we can improve or the aspects that we can curate better.

Learn how to improve in planning and building by comparing the intention against the execution. Compare the before and the after to see the difference. That discrepancy is your motivation to do better, and it gives you the direction to follow.

This is my DAY 30 Article in the CREAZEE Daily Writing Challenge. Overall, my 167th daily article.

Before and After?
Before and After?

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