Continuity is there

Continuity is there.

The articles I wrote this week:

  • Morellino di Scansano
    Alcohol is bad for health. Prove me wrong and I’ll invite you for a drink.
  • Give Me Endless Stories
    I don’t like the end of stories. Why shall I interrupt being transported in another world and another time?
  • Write About your Fears, to Be Stronger
    Writing contributes to making you more self-aware and better equipped to make sense of your experiences. It can be a great tool to research the causes of your feelings.
  • Do you want to lead better? Write
    Avoid leading your team to confusion: write down your problem and illustrate a vision, a strategy, and a plan to solve it.
  • Dream Big, Build It Small, but Daily
    Start now by doing a little thing, and keep on doing it, every day. You’ll reach the stars without even realizing it.
  • Plan Your Creativity
    Planning is an activity bringing the future to the present. You cannot plan to be creative but to foster the conditions for you to be creative.

Come writing with me.

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