Deep Reading: Authors and Sources

I am starting to have a good pace with my private writing practice. Early morning, instead of late at night. I decided to pick a book and to slowly, accurately and deeply read it page by page. By going slow I was able to collect so many questions and connections that I got already a lot of inspiration. Even before getting into the first chapter.

Checking the background of the authors give a sense on their authority on the subject. When it’s an anthology or a collection of already published essays, it helps to trace it back to the original source. How is the collection curated? Are those the best articles? Is it worth it to find the original publications of to follow in their next issues? It’s a great way to gather sources around the book topic.

It’s useful to compile lists of the mentioned authors and books. They can be cross-referenced or selected to be read when you want to go deeper.

It’s also important to put the book in the context of the time when it was published. How was it relevant? How is it considered today, if it is not recent? The publications at the source of the selected essays are still published today? What’s their reputation.

I’ve only read the introduction and I feel like I’ve learned a lot.

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