Reviewing Notes While Deep Reading

At the of of the first chapter, in the book I am deep reading, I have more questions than answers. Besides the internal ones, related to the treatment the author reserved for the topic, I have a lot of external questions. Or, at least, questions pushing towards comparisons, similarities, counterarguments: ways of connecting notes. That is, finally, the place where I can reference my notes: where did I write about the mentioned topics? Who wrote about something similar? How can I debate the author’s position? This is an inspiring context to review and connect my collection of thoughts and references.

I am going slow, rather slower than usual. But I feel close to the knowledge shared by this chapter’s author. It’s taking me several days and it’s like having a continuous conversation with what I read and what I can connect. I feel less rushed towards complete the book and passing the next one. Although I am now in the critical stage of reviewing my notes and rereading, where needed, the related passages (the place where usually I get lost), I enjoy the sensation of a close encounter with other minds, carefully and accurately considering what they have to say.

And I like it.

This is my daily post 316.

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