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Shaken, not stirred

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Observe. Imagine. Share.

Instructions for living a creative life

Creating, you become an interesting person with stimulating questions and engaging stories to tell.

Forget about the word system, think about woods, schools, families.

Systems Thinking offers the most effective and efficient mental model of reality

We can think in systems to analyzing the day-to-day problems and address global challenges as the Climate Crisis or poverty.

Old, albeit new.

Writing is combining

If you build your library of ideas, you can combine them into new writings.

Tend your garden with your most precious gems.

Gardens of Knowledge and Gardens of Expertise

Offer your expertise in a curated virtual space where you give access to the best of your knowledge.

Every idea is unique.

Is your idea new?

History could save you a lot of time or could make you earn a lot of money. How much do you know about history?

A Perfect Circle.

There are no problems

When a problem can’t be solved, it’s not a problem. When a problem can be solved, it’s not a problem

Think about what we’ll think about of this, in 10 years.
Will you be there?
Will you remember?

In the meantime:

Shaken, not stirred
Shaken, not stirred

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