Writing is combining

Old, albeit new.

Why writing? 

If you think better when you write, you need to write a lot to write well.  So, to feel less lonely, albeit creative, lower your ambitions to keep being consistent. Do it small to do it better

Writing brings a lot of benefits to your life because writing:

  1. builds your networks
  2. connects your ideas
  3. improves your memory
  4. makes you a better observer
  5. makes you more self-aware
  6. dissolves your distractions
  7. reduces your jargon and slang
  8. generates ideas 
  9. facilitate growth by tracking habits 
  10. makes you type faster 
  11. enhances your reality 
  12. compounds despite everything 

Writing is like drinking coffee, and it makes you creative and happy

Transcribe your thoughts to become an effective communicator. Write daily to become a better manager.

Writing is a process, so it’s essential to automate repetitive tasks, publish the text as digital text, not images, and back up your work not to lose it.
If only I could be ten, again, I would write daily to build a habit, but I need to be smart, so I will let it go.

Old, albeit new.
Old, albeit new.

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