More Reading, Then Writing

When I will conclude my year of blogging I will dedicate this stolen time to more reading. I’ve learned that If I don’t actively take notes while reading I will retain a few commas. So I will write while reading. I might be able to publish much less daily but I should be able to capture more notes.

And, yes, then I will connect the captured note into a draft.

Shall I do “a year of draft writing”?


2 responses to “More Reading, Then Writing”

  1. Are you keeping up with this “draft collection” ?
    On paper or are you using some digital tool… like an editor, a diary or a second-brain software?

  2. Hi,
    I write my notes in Obsidian,
    I frequently come up with elaborated notes deserving to be called draft.
    I still draw visual notes to capture random thoughts I didn’t find an efficient way to digitize them.
    I am keeping my habit of writing actual article draft in Google Docs, though. I still missing merging the different flows into one optimal one.

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