Notes on creativity and productivity with Ness Labs Community

The Surreal Eye is looking at my mind

Great session today on creativity, inspiration, productivity, workflow with Anne Laure Le Cunff of

My notes:

  • Idea trails. Lifelong learners are always dealing with information overload. Great sources of knowledge can be hard to find. Remembering what you’ve already learned can be even harder. Stop forgetting and start using Trickle.
  • Observing others to get inspiration
  • An information source is like a stream, I drink from it only when I am thirsty.
  • Deleting stuff is important to fight the Collector Bias
  • Getting Things Done (GTD). Waiting for the idea to come again
  • Intentionality. I should collect and share ideas about my interests / focus
  • Spaghetti method, throw a ball of ideas on the wall to see which stick
  • Problem of  not going back to review notes.
  • Validate your ideas  by asking people
  • Interstitial journaling. See Bucky
  • Keeps everything you do: good or bad? How
  • Inspiration is not ideas.
  • Recurring ideas are not necessarily the best ones.
  • “We tend to name things only when we have them fully formed.”
  • Recognizing patterns, forgetting is also important. “Memory is a feature and not a bug”
  • Building a critical mass of connected ideas.
  • Having too many ideas. Struggle in finding a common thread. Concerned about building an audience while being eclectic
  • What about curating sources, filtering inputs.
  • you have good ideas if you have plenty of ideas
  • you just have to curated and nurture them
  • What’s the difference between ideas and inspiration?
  • Add value to sparse ideas by connecting them.

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