Resuming writing.

A summary of all articles I’ve published since last newsletter.


this is Max. So long we don’t read. For who was already reading this newsletter.

And, thanks to a bit of gentle promotion, I would like to welcome also a few new fellow subscribers.

Welcome to a new issue of updates.

“Sei convinto di creare qualcosa…”

I am eclectic, undisciplined and I struggle to maintain a publishing schedule. I went through some reflections and I got also a lot of suggestions.

Fact is, before I could resume a publishing cadence, I need to make an inventory of the sparse pieces I let loose in the world.

So, in the hope of re-establishing a minimum of coherence in my publishing workflow I am sharing with you a list of all the articles I’ve published on my blog since last newsletter:

This is, unfortunately, 0.5% of what I did.

And you, what did you do in the meantime?



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