Safety is Needed to Get Clarity

227. Safety is Needed to Get Clarity

It’s only when you trust your team members, and you are sharing a solid mission and, first of all, when you know you can expose your thoughts without feeling you’ll be judged for that, or worst, they will be used against you, that you can work to gain clarity.

When you are working to solve complicated messes and wicked problems, it’s crucial to think quickly and deeply at the same time. You need to experiment and be prone to make mistakes. You need to put your self-worth on the line each time a decision needs to be made and you are an essential part of the decision-making process.

It’s not an easy environment to create, either creative or professional. It requires a lot of time to work together, know each other, and have several experiences together: good and bad.

That’s why you need to have the patience to stay with a group as long as possible if you want to reach alignment of purposes and harmony of skills and character. It’s one of the best work and create situations where you feel you are giving a substantial contribution to whatever you are making together.

It’s a great way to grow as a professional and a working group.

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