The Power of Rereading

I always thought I could read a text once and get its essence. While deep reading the current text I am at my third iteration of the first chapter and I keep on discovering new things. Some are substantial topics treated superficially which I had just skipped, some others are nuances and implications that emerge only if you really connect all pieces. It helped me writing notes with pen and paper, copying and redoing diagrams. By annotating the diagrams in my notes with the author’s explanation I find them richer and I can connect more of my experience. The more I read it the less I have new questions (I have already accumulated a bunch of them) and the more I can make internal connections. My greatest challenge is exactly this, going through the boredom of rereading a piece of text while looking for new insights. I am slow, this is taking me ages but I am satisfied with this new approach to learning.

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