What We Talk About When We Talk About Design and Business Consultancy

A partial list of the topics I’ve touched while doing a design consultancy.

Business coach.
Business strategy
Content strategy, content design, online writing, research, knowledge management, ideation, article writing, social media management, online promotion. Copywriting, UX writing, microcopy editing.

User research
User testing
Design discovery
Webinar, online event facilitation, interviewing

Design synthesis. Design review, critique. Design presentation.

Communication, critical thinking.

Systems thinking, sustainability, management, leadership.

Innovation, product design, product development, software design, software development.

UX design, usability, design thinking, user interface design, design principles, usability heuristics.

Visual design, graphic design, typography, color design, accessibility testing.

Facilitation, mentoring, advising, coaching, training, education, learning.

Instructional design, training design, learning experience design.

Collaboration, participatory methods, decision making, sensemaking

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