Writing, CreaZEEng, and Learning

So many options, such a little time.

While preparing for launching.

This week has been hard. Heavy work. Heavy creativity.

I am almost done with defining the official launch date for CREAZEE.

And, of course, I’ve been writing every day:

  • Write 100 Ideas, Now
    Change your attitude towards what you want and what you can create by exercising your creativity. Be CREAZEE!
  • What have you learned today?
    If you want to become a better learner and give a higher value to your experiences, keep track of what you have learned daily.
  • Stay superficial, stay amateur!
    I have serious problems in finding the motivation and the time to study properly. Especially about what is supposed to be for me solid acquired knowledge.
  • Buonanotte
    Free-flowing writing, if you’re brave, is the only thing you can do when it’s almost time to sleep.
  • Learning Out Loud: What is a Customer Journey
    In an HCD process, a Customer Journey is a tool to learn about our users’ potential and intentional experience.
  • Time Traveling
    You need to respect more yourself. Respect the hard work you have done. Don’t ruin it.

See you next week.

Do you know me?

Are you CREAZEE?

So many options, such a little time.
So many options, such a little time.

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