Writing is King, Long Life to Writing

If content is king, what is writing?

If you look at the current home page of curatella.com, you could notice many different topics treated in dozens of articles. How would you reorganize them to provide clear access to the information included?

Suppose you have a clear mind as an independent author, as an online creator. In that case, it’s easy: you define your publishing mission, you identify your audience, and every single article you publish is fitting in your content strategy as Tetris pieces.

But when you are eclectic, a beginner (at least in the blogosphere), and you write online precisely because you want to explore your interests, that’s another story.

Let’s go bottom-up first, then.

It’s not going to be quick nor easy. I have many articles published that I can cluster into topics to be offered in sections.

I have to go mentally over the list of the 140 articles published. I have a strong feeling that my most popular topic is “writing“. Although I went from Systems Thinking to Facilitation, from Design Thinking to Critical Thinking, I am pretty sure that writing is what I wrote the most about.

What is the public saying?

Curatella.com is small and young. There is a dedicated following of a few daring and caring people. And yet, the more prominent reactions and interactions happened when I wrote about writing. That’s undeniable.

Do we have a royal candidate?

Yes. The king of the topics on curatella.com is “writing.”

And writing it is.

I will prioritize content about writing and building the daily writing habits on the home page. The remaining topics will be determined based on their corresponding number of topics. The Tag Cloud will be helpful, but I don’t want to have too many categories.  I will act top-down in this case. I decided that I will have these selections of topics with the following priority order:

  1. Writing: journaling, self-reflection, habit building
  2. Design: design process, design thinking, UX Design
  3. Education: learning, teaching, facilitation,

I am not sure about organizing: “Thinking Critically in Systems” as an abstract topic by I will find practical applications while dealing with the writing process.

Writing, a new course

I feel excited about the fastest content inventory and information architecture session I have ever had in my life. I can’t wait to put my hands on the categories, the navigational menu, and the home page.

Welcome to a new path for my online publishing adventure. It will create the foundations for a new course that I am creating.

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If content is king, what is writing?
If content is king, what is writing?

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