Writing together is better

Create your surprise.

The joy of being CREAZEE.

It seems like an eon ago I was struggling to launch my first online writing challenge. It was only 4 days ago. 16 people are writing every day. They’ve created so far about 60 articles. In an exercise to produce 100 ideas each we ended up creating more than 1’000 ideas. What I was thinking to be a group of people exploring light ways to create revealed itself as an exceptional mix of sharp minds and deep hearts.

I am astonished and a bit overwhelmed. Where will this lead? It’s a powerful life experiment that will have a profound impact on a few lives. Mine, for sure.

Are you curious? Have a look, and join the next challenge.

In addition to a few hundred messages exchanged with Challengers, this week, I also wrote:

  1. How to Overcome Writer’s Block, by Adam Grant
  2. I am ready, I am CREAZEE
  3. To be Creative, Automate and Simplify
  4. Containing Large Multitudes
  5. Stop Overthinking and Start
  6. The Challenge to Create is Hard

See you next week.


Create your surprise.
Create your surprise.

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