Am I CREAZEE Enough?

Am I CREAZEE Enough?


I’m Max, and every week I am sharing in this newsletter the articles I’ve been writing during the week. Sometimes I reflect aloud about what I’ve published to make sense of trends. Some others, I tell you stories about my online adventures. 

This time, I have two accomplishments to share with you.

Another Daily Writing Challenge Completed!

With friends from Ness Labs, I have been blogging for 28 days straight. Not that I have ever stopped since my first challenge, but it was entertaining to have peers writing with me.

The final rush was composed of the same articles taking me to have written 118 pieces in a row.

And they are:

Start to create, now!

Start to create, now

What was the most critical event determining my 117 daily articles written and published in a row? Starting.

Living in Information by Jorge Arango, book review

Living in Information by Jorge Arango, book review

There is a strong parallel between the characteristics and the influences of physical places on our lives and what worlds of information living in immaterial di…

Write a little, write a lot but write every day.

Daily Writing Habit Learning Challenge, a first draft

Challenge yourself to build a daily writing habit. Here is the alpha version draft outline. Let’s learn together.


Find a balance between theory and practice, management and execution

Get out of the office, put down your phone and see if you can do some practical work in your field. You’ll have immense benefits.

What's the color of napoleon's white horse?

Open questions vs. Closed questions

Ask closed questions to have quick confirmation without provoking further discussion. Ask open questions to explore, learn and facilitate richer conversations.

Quantity can ruin quality.

Daily writing doesn’t make it automatically good

On top of the continuity, you need to create valuable content. When is the right time to assess what you have written?

I am Launching MY Writing Challenge: CREAZEE, uh?

The best news of the week is that I am launching my Writing Challenge. I’ve been receiving the interest of a few people wanting to build a habit of writing daily, and I thought it would have been nice to have a community of challengers to play with.

Discover everything about it at CREAZEE.COM

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