Drip by drip, the ocean we can sip

Drip by drip, the ocean we can sip.

Writing About Writing and Design


I’m Max, and every week I am sharing in this newsletter the articles I’ve been writing during the week. Sometimes I reflect aloud about what I’ve published to make sense of trends. Some others, I tell you stories about my online adventures. This week I have two clear topics to share with you and a hint about a new project I am cooking.

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And now, the articles I’ve published this week.

Writing About Writing

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have somebody listening to you when you have something to say? Pleased to meet you.

You can change your future by acting today. Rather than focusing on an abstract person in an intangible setting, think more about your future self.

When you build a habit of writing every day, you have a part of your brain reserved for a fixed thought. You have to write. Write, now.

Change the context of those lessons learned that you cannot share. And share the knowledge without betraying your friends. Use abstraction to tell a story.

Writing About Design

Test your ideas with quick and cheap prototypes as early and as frequently as possible. Prototype for maximum learning and minimum effort.

Do not follow your intuition alone. You are not your users. Put yourself in their shoes. Design your success. Design with your users in mind.

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Drip by drip, the ocean we can sip.
Drip by drip, the ocean we can sip. Come making waves with me.

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