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Knowledge, meet people. People, meet knowledge.

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I can see a story unfolding:

  1. How to be more intentional and conscious about learning.
  2. Going slower to digest knowledge deeper.
  3. Sharing the process in a “Learning Out Loud” fashion.
  4. Connecting more and more with like-minded people (are you in?)
  5. Slowly adding building blocks to a customized Personal Knowledge Management System
  6. Extention of the quest to the research: who has done already work in the field?

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Together we're more than the sum of each of us.

Knowledge Entrepreneurs: Brain Trust Day 1

Experts in diverse fields convene to provide structured feedback to each participant’s challenge in a reciprocal way.

Capturing meaningful information requires reflection and method.

Describe your knowledge capturing process to improve it

Stop hoarding useless mountains of data. Reflect on your bad habits by documenting them step-by-step. Drop useless actions. Repeat.

I’m looking for me

The Seeker

I’m looking for me. You’re looking for you. We’re looking in at other. And we don’t know what to do

Knowledge Entrepreneurs Salon 11. Start With Community.

Knowledge Entrepreneurs Salon 11: Start With Community

I’ve found the best place in the world. It’s called The Internet.

The best pastries I have ever had. Lisbon.

Experiential Education webinar with Jake Fee

Transforming experience into learning with John’Dewey’s Pattern of Inquiry and some areas of application.

How is music related to information? A lot!

Capture information, extract prompts and curate a collection of ideas in your PKM

Capture information, extract prompts and curate a collection of ideas in your PKM.

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Hi, I am Massimo Curatella.

I am a Strategic Designer and a Facilitator. I write about designeducationfacilitation, and Systems Thinking.

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Knowledge, meet people. People, meet knowledge.
Knowledge, meet people. People, meet knowledge.

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