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Capturing, Organizing, Developing and Sharing. Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

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Weeks pass by like clouds on a windy day, and topics start to stick like balls of spaghetti thrown on the wall. I’ve found convergence in the force. After the impulse of learning out loud about data, information, knowledge, and wisdom, I’ve checked my braindump with more intentional research on the same topic. It was helpful and fun. The loci argumentorum inspired my first investigation into why we are capturing knowledge, and they also led me to explore what I am capturing. I’ve made I was not acting as a good systems thinker by isolating the two perspectives. Still, I’ve reconciled them by analyzing the process of capturing a digital flow-chart image.

I see a thread in my explorations and connections between each adventure. I feel I am charting a known territory while looking at it with my eyes through different lenses. I am quite satisfied with the idea of filling in the blanks in a map to be explored. And I feel even more stimulated by the idea of leaving traces and spaces to connect observations into more significant knowledge objects.

Thanks for your attention.

And don’t forget, there are also minimal, abstract, and sometimes surreal illustrations.

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What are possible future use cases of images captured now?

Capturing diagram images in your PKM System

Store images related to your interests and connect them to possible future use scenarios.

Think in systems, not about systems.

A systems thinker thinks in systems about systems

Systems Thinking emerges from considering the relationships and the interactions between all components of the observed system.

From raw data to refined information to connected knowledge.

What am I capturing: data, information, or knowledge?

A note captured is usually something that will need further processing, and it’s seldom something we could use as it is.

Why do you capture data, information and knowledge?

Why capturing knowledge?

Capturing data, information, and knowledge depends on your vision and your character.

From data to information to knowledge to wisdom.

What is data, information, knowledge, and wisdom?

By giving context to raw data, you obtain information. Knowledge is information connected. Wisdom is knowledge applied to decision-making.

How do you make sense when nothing make sense?

Learning Out Loud: Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom

I’m doing a crazy experiment. Instead of researching and reporting, I will write down what I know about data, information, knowledge, and wisdom.

Who are you, Max?

Thanks for asking:

Hi, I am Massimo Curatella.

I am a Strategic Designer and a Facilitator. I write about designeducationfacilitation, and Systems Thinking.

Some highlights from my website curatella.com:

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Capturing, Organizing, Developing and Sharing. Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom.
Capturing, Organizing, Developing and Sharing. Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom.

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