Feed your daily creative habit


Have you tried to track your writing performance in different moments of the day?

If you find yourself pushing your writing practice later and later in the day, it could be a sign worth notice.

You have your daily writing habit established. You know you want to do it. You are excited about the idea. But you find yourself busier and busier when the time comes. Or you lack ideas. What a coincidence, you were ready to write but no inspiration whatsoever.

That’s the beginning of the end.

The end of your hard-earned habit. You struggled for so long to acquire it, and now, slowly, seamlessly, it is sliding away from your hands like wet sands running down through your fingers.

Stop! And reflect.

Take a cold shower, cowboy or cowgirl. This is not how it was supposed to go. Start to make minor adjustments to get you back on track.

You always write later?

Set the alarm for tomorrow, one hour earlier than the last time you wrote. Come on, do it now. Create the reminder, “I will write my daily piece.”


Now, ideas? Are you still at that?

You should have learned the drill:

In conclusion, learn to recognize the symptoms of your daily writing habit fading away. Act immediately and effectively with pragmatical countermeasures. Do not improvise unless it is a creative exercise.  Before writing your daily, add ten ideas to your bucket list. Thanks to the device of stocks and flows, this way, you make it impossible for you to run out of ideas.

Try to write first thing in the morning. It is important. It should come first. Before of what? Everything. When you find yourself procrastinating or moving the starting time later, that is the sign you must act.

Your daily habit is like a baby. You cannot forget to feed it. It would die. Go feed yourself.


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