The Note-Taking Nouvelle Vague

A smoking pencil

I am looking for new prompts to fuel my research, writing, and publishing. I am a bit tired of improvising every day so I am looking for stronger themes to follow through.

What follows is a sample of questions I would like to explore.

I am posting them here to make them bounce through your brains and harvest useful interactions.

Everybody is jumping on the note-taking app wagon

In the world of Personal Knowledge Management tools, there is a tsunami of new software applications to manage note-taking and note-making.

  1. What does it mean for thinkers, writers, publishers?
  2. Graphs as thinking tools: what are their usability issues? How do they facilitate serendipity and visual thinking? Do we think better or worse with a graph?
  3. A huge catalog of connected ideas is creating a cognitive avalanche: was it already existing on the web? What’s different? Why should it work? Why didn’t the web work, or did it?
  4. How did great thinkers in the past think great things without modern digital tools? What’s the added value of thinking digitally?
  5. Rebranding the obvious: “Tomato/tometo” and Note/Node. Why searching for new names for millennia-old concepts?
  6. Isn’t a note-taking app just a database management system? Isn’t every software application just data management? What’s the novelty of a note-taking tool?
  7. Tool-agnostic frameworks, what’s the role of the method in being effective in note-taking and its creative outcome? Is the framework driving the choice of the tool or vice-versa? How is the tool allowing the full expression of workflows?

Ideally, I am looking for better questions but anything useful to go deeper is appreciated.

Thanks for playing.

A smoking pencil
La question n’est pas de travailler, c’est de fair croire aux autres qu’on travaille.

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