60 Times 60. Refining my daily publishing strategy

60 blog posts published today.

This one is my 60th daily blog post in a row. Why would that make any news?

Some reasons:

  1. I’ve never done it before
  2. I was supposed to do only 30 while I am at the double of that number, now
  3. I’ve built a daily journaling habit, and I wanted to go one step further by making a daily publishing habit
  4. I feel positively motivated by the daily commitment to publish, so I want to keep on doing it

Will I make 100? Why not?

But as I was writing at the end of my One Year Writing Challenge, numeric goals feel relatively empty and not very deep when reached. That’s why I don’t want to have shallow objectives. The goal should be to improve my thinking and communication skills by producing many ideas to obtain quality out of quantity.

I just don’t want to celebrate empty numbers as millions of words or streak of days. The goal should be to celebrate the outcome and positive consequences following my publishing, not my fingers’ sheer output.

Having clarified that, I have to admit that the daily burden is not always pleasant nor comfortable to honor.  I plan to choose themes to develop so that I can connect conceptual blocks into something more elaborated later on.

The problem is that my interests are way more ambitious than my knowledge. And that would be good considering that this blog is for me to learn-out-loud but having not enough resources dedicated to the single knowledge blocks to build up the long-form essay or treatment puts me in a difficult spot.

I am frustrated because I cannot work for more than 10-20 minutes per day on a blog post. Now, think about what you can write that could be meaningful and useful about topics as:

  • Systems Thinking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Design Facilitation
  • Process Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Etc, etc.,

So I have to calibrate my writing strategy if I don’t want to get submerged by frustration and getting stuck in a never-ending loop of superficial blog posts.

I need to lower the bar of expectations.

What’s the smallest piece of knowledge that I could write about in a maximum of 30 minutes but producing something I wouldn’t be ashamed of publishing?

So, I am happy to celebrate with this post my 60th daily publishing in a row, but I am not satisfied with my long-term publishing strategy, and this is my attempt at refining it.

So long.

60 blog posts published today.
I like the smell of consistency, in the morning.

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